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Arizona Legal Studies Newsletter

The Arizona Legal Studies Newsletter presents recent faculty scholarship and is distributed two times a year. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to this newsletter at any time through this web site. Contact our Faculty Scholarship Coordinator, Ms. Leah Sandwell-Weiss, if you have any questions about your subscription.

Issue # Date Topic
Issue 8 August 2009 Faculty Working Papers, August 2009
Issue 7 November 2008 Faculty Working Papers, November 2008
Issue 6 August 2008 Faculty Working Papers, August 2008
Issue 5 August 2007 Faculty Working Papers, August 2007
Issue 4 June 2007 Faculty Working Papers, June 2007
Issue 3 October 2006 Faculty Working Papers, October 2006
Issue 2 April 2006 Faculty Working Papers, 1st Quarter 2006
Issue 1 January 2006 New Books, Upcoming Events, Visiting Faculty Members



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