The Bulletin

The Arizona Law Bulletin is distributed by email to all members of the Arizona Law community at the beginning of each week during the regular semester.  Announcements are limited to information placed by the administration or faculty, or by a student organization at the College of Law.  Announcements are subject to approval and may be edited (lightly) for content, tone, and length.

Items submitted for the bulletin automatically appear in Day-At-A-Glance.

To place an announcement or event in the Bulletin, please complete this online form . The deadline for receipt of information is each Thursday by 5:00 p.m. for inclusion in the Monday morning Bulletin. If you do not meet the deadline, you can still submit your item, but inclusion is not guaranteed. The headline is the only part of your submission that will show on the front page of The Bulletin. You are limited to 20 words so it needs to be descriptive. Readers can click on the "Read more" link to view the complete Bulletin item.


  • The headline needs to be descriptive.
  • Provide all relevant information about your event or activity in the body of your announcement, not just in the fill-in fields.
  • Include dates/days of week, beginning and ending times, location, and announcement details.
  • Please do not post images.
  • Provide an email for readers to contact you if they have questions. (An email address is required)
  • Please do not cut and paste text from outside sources in the announcement box. This frequently carries lengthy html code, which interferes with formatting.
  • If your announcement pertains to an event or activity early in the week, you may want to post in the previous week.
Select what type of item you want to post in the Bulletin:

If you have questions or problems or need to cancel or change an announcement, please contact: Nancy Stanley

The Bulletin Archive can be found here.